Contract One Inc


ContractOne has been expanding into the development area of construction over the years. Currently, ContractOne is developing at Ski Granby Ranch in Granby, CO. The project consists of 8 duplex homes located at the base of Ski Granby Ranch. For more information please visit


ContractOne has been building in the residential neighborhoods of the Vail Valley for over 15 years. Most residential neighborhoods in the Valley have planning boards, design review boards, etc. unique to each area. ContractOne has the understanding and knowledge to navigate these different neighborhood or town boards in the pre-construction phase to ensure a project runs smoothly.


Homeowners everywhere are looking into the benefits of remodeling an existing home. Immediate benefits to remodeling are expanding on space, comfort, energy efficiency, maintenance and curb appeal. ContractOne is a specialist in home renovation. ContractOne renovates all types of homes varying from condos, penthouses, duplexes to single family homes.